Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lilith Exposed Again Masquerading as the Egyptian Goddess Amunet.

|๐Ÿ•Ž|1st Corinthians 4:1, 1st Corinthians 2:7, & Romans 16:25-27|๐Ÿ•Ž|

Lilith has Masqueraded Disguised as She Has Possessed Many Dynastic Queens Throughout the Ademic {Of Adam & Eve's} Historical Existence over the Past Six Thousand Years

Lilith has been identified in historical accounts throughout the history of Adam, Ademic historical recorded history of mankind.

She has surfaced through multiple references in her attempts to exert power over mankind through whatever means necessary and made accessible to her through wiles of cunning deceptive measures.

She used and to this day still uses mankind’s greatest weakness against mankind by utilizing the power of sexuality!

Lilith’s downfall is identical to her own source Lucifer! It is “Pride” and the insanely insatiable desire for power over mankind!

She achieved this role multiple times through possessing women by deception through promises of power over their subjects and Lilith took control over many Egyptian figures, many Queens.

One example is Amunet who was a real Egyptian woman that lived was immortalized by her people as consort to Amun as his Queen, his Wife.

And the word Amun {means the Egyptian god of mystery, the concealed one} and this is where Amunet identifies herself as the hidden one.

Amunet I am certain now that Lilith possessed Amunet and Lilith is the Serpent {the Adversary - Satan} and this is why the goddess Amunet used the Egyptian Hieroglyph of a woman who has the head of an Egyptian Cobra for a head.

For the symbolism of the Serpent is indicative identifying not a snake but the demonic nature of the creature which embodies every characteristic of Lilith the Serpent Satan beautiful outwardly yet controlled by her father Lucifer the organizer of all rebellion!

|๐Ÿ•Ž|Isaiah 14:9-21 and Ezekiel 28:1319|๐Ÿ•Ž|

And Lilith took control of Amunet and used her, and by thus doing this Lilith took over Amunet as a host, a woman now possessed by Lilith identifying herself In collusion with Lilith by using the symbols of the head of an Egyptian cobra, and she appears to have divine powers and at the time to the Egyptian people she appears to be the real deal.

And while Amunet has these powers, those powers are supernatural yet they are not divine in origin but are in fact satanic being derived from Lilith who retains her satanic powers from Lucifer, who corrupted himself by his ultimate actions of rebellion against both G-D in trying to usurp and overthrow G-Ds Throne and Infinite Dominion, and for overthrowing Adam and Eve in Eden, the Garden of G-D.

As the goddess of the air, she is depicted as a winged goddess or a woman. These same symbols are indicative of Lilith and thereby thus we have identified Lilith in the records of the Ademic {Of Adam and Eve} in human history.

Amunet’s name also holds the meanings of a female who is hidden and her powers are connected to the words, mystery obscurity. Yet another reference to the vile one infamous Lilith.

Here I will point out Lilith recorded in the Holy Scriptures as identifiable in her accursed habitations. In Isaiah 34:14 she is her identity is wrongfully rendered named “the screech owl” in the verse.

And yet the below “Hebrew Word Study” reveals the proper rendering of her name in Hebrew and I use the English to not be confusing my readers with many different spellings of the same individual.

Strong's Number Hebrew Section reference # H3917

Original Word: ืœื™ืœื™ืช

Transliterated Word: lรฎylรฎyth

Phonetic Spelling: lei-il-leeth'

Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine.

Word Definition:
From H3915; a demonic creature, screech owl, "Lilith", name of a female goddess known as a night entity known for visiting males in their dreams, seducing them in their dreams of sleep.

She then steals their nocturnal emissions and uses them to thus thereby going about impregnating herself with the stolen seed of sleeping men and hence the mystery of the term “Seed of the Serpent” is now better understood now having been revealed by revelation by The L-RD G-D in Gods Holy Word. Isaiah 34:14.

|๐Ÿ•Ž|•Matthew 13:10-11|๐Ÿ•Ž|JCLHT|๐Ÿ•Ž|

And his talmidim {disciples} came unto him and said unto him, Why do you speak unto them in parables?

And Yeshua answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of the heavens. And to them it is not given.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Learning How to be Free INDEED!

Learning How to be Free INDEED!


|๐Ÿ”ฏ|•HEBREWS 4:9-16•|๐Ÿ”ฏ|

 Breaking The Chains That Bind You.

The Road of Eternal Redemption is a difficult road, but it is vastly well worth it in the end!

The journey is all about re-training and renewing our brains, our mindsets to live life in expectation and not anticipation.

It's about controlling our own selves and not allowing or permitting ourselves to control others by emotionally manipulating them to do and be as we would have them to be.

In a word it is all about the denial of our own self centered egos and dark one sided ways.

As we die to ourselves we are enabled by G-D the Holy Spirit to live unto Jesus from Nazareth with His Grace in our hearts as we glorify G-D the Father through G-D the Son via G-D the Holy Spirit.

Let us put {spiritually clothe} ourselves with the armour of light. Romans 13:12, and Ephesians 6:10-19.

An angry disposition keeps the individual who has it, or rather whom is enslaved to it in a place that no one enjoys!

Let us learn how to be disciplined when expressing our feelings of displeasure lest our anger become ruler over us and our enemies manipulate us by influence over our volatile emotions!

Please Read: Proverbs 15:18, Proverbs 27:4-5, Proverbs 25:28, and James 1:19-20.

And those who suffer from the constant affliction of such anger, which is a fruit of the evil spirit of impatience which anyone who suffers the ill of the spiritual bondage of the spirits of impatience do not want to be the way that they are.

Romans 7:14-25, and Romans 8:1-10.

They would gladly tell you that they would give anything to be free, to not react in the ways of impatience because it births forth within their heart the bitter taste of anger.

And no one wants to be angry but it's not easy for to get set free and delivered from Amon, the Devil Prince of Anger through self effort.

If the deep seeded roots of anger buried, and entrenched which have found a house {dwelling place} deep within the human spirit {heart} of the individual are not uprooted, cast out of the individual in Jesus from Nazareth holy Name, then the peaceful rest and the deliverance that the individual so desires cannot be reached by self effort.

Deliverance is a gift given to the humble of heart who seek out the gift of deliverance from Jesus from Nazareth himself.

That is the only way to get free! And only G-Ds Words can achieve success for us as we put them into our hearts and by so doing placing him in all our thoughts and tomorrow's thus effectively improving our spiritual environment, our spiritual atmosphere through the virtue of our actions. Colossians 3:16.

In this way we enter into Messiah's shalom {peace} and his rest becomes ours. Isaiah 32:17, 2nd Peter 1:1-10, Isaiah 59:17, and Ephesians 6:10-19.

It's a intense warfare that can only be won by him and he already won it.

And Yeshua {Jesus} from Nazareth desires to live his victory through us by G-D the Holy Spirit when we receive Jesus from Nazareth as our Saviour and by our actions of denying our flesh deeds do deem to live according to the guidance of G-D the Holy Spirit.

For G-D the Holy Spirit will live within us and give us the power to live the victory Jesus purchased for us by his own atoning death upon the Cross where his precious life's blood was shed. Romans 10:6-13, and John 14:15-18.

Our job is to cease fire and rest in Jesus from Nazareth's victory. Hosea 10:12, and Revelation 12:11.

Learning to rest in Messiah is a very difficult process to do considering how long we have been traveling 30 mph with a 90 mph brain and mindsets that rigorously rule over us by former behavioral controlling mindsets that the enemy uses to terrorize us with. 2nd Corinthians 10:3-5.

But victory can be received only, not appropriated by our own volition's. Romans 5:17, Ephesians 2:8, James 2:17-20.

Unfortunately it is this lesson which takes "ALL" of us all a lifetime to learn and learn it well.

Once a human dies they can not die anymore nor neither are they subject unto the spirit of death anymore either.

This is why we all must abide within Messiah our L-rd Yeshua from Nazareth, the Christ. Hosea 10:12, Isaiah 32:17, John 12:24-25, and Ephesians 6:10-19.

In him we are dead to the world and it's ways, and we are free from the law of sin and death and remain alive in the Holy Spirit.

Death cannot kill those who are already dead in Messiah but alive to G-D by his Holy Spirit. 1st Corinthians 15:22-23.

And I'm of the opinion that you cannot burn ashes.

But once you have gone through the process of burning, and you are now ashes, the devil has no more he can do to you and you can let G-D Almighty position you to fall upon the devil like a million metric thousand thousand tons of brick and breaking him into pieces off of the lives of others by teaching them to do what took you your whole life to learn how to achieve. Please Read: Isaiah 48:9-11, Revelation 19:5-8, 1st Corinthians 12:12-14.

And that's "teaching them how to rest, rely upon and depend upon the Ability of The Almighty G-D to set you free" and then to keep you free from the enemy, the darkness and the devils who live in the darkness {ignorance} of the minds that they have been blinding from G-Ds Marvelous Light brightly shinning for all to behold. Romans 6:9-16, Romans 5:1-9.

Please take this time to read this resource I discovered that will enlighten your thoughts even further and shine to you another testimony as encouragement to continue walking the brilliant path to healing and deliverance from every evil spirit as you run back into your Heavenly Fathers Everlasting and Loving Eternal Embrace!


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